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Simply join the Take'Em Insider below and qualify to win your choice of a Timber Deuce or Nitro Hen duck call! Only rule is that the call will only be shipped to an address within the United States. This weeks (4-14-14) winner is Steve Bannister.

How To Become A Great Duck Caller
Follow these basic steps to become a great duck caller get the most out of hunting opportunities.
Ten Duck Calling Tips
Use your duck call more effectively by learning how to read and respond to mallards working your decoys.
How To Choose The Best Duck Call
Becoming an effective caller all starts with having the right tools for the type of location and birds being hunted.
Duck Hunting 101
Jump start your duck hunting skills with tips and techniques that will help you get a head start in the marsh.
Duck Decoy Spread Landing Zones
Discover the key element of any decoy setup and avoid watching ducks slowly drift away and out of shotgun range.

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duck call instructional cd

Can You Sound Like A Real Duck?

Start blowing your duck call with confidence using easy to follow step-by-step methods. Read more...

TakeEm Timber Deuce Duck Call

Timber Deuce

New from TakeEm the Timber Deuce is a wood/polycarbonate double reed duck call that is easy to operate and has a deadly realistic ducky sound. Read more...

TakeEm Nitro Hen Deuce Duck Call

Nitro Hen

New from TakeEm the Nitro Hen is a wood/polycarbonate double reed duck call that will help you get the attention of distant ducks with an open water style insert. Read more...

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I have been reading your site since the beginning of duck season and applied many of your useful articles to my hunting setups which always seemed to help me out. I have been using you Timber Deuce call and I love it! Its super easy to chuckle and feed call but so smooth on any quack cadence! Easy to blow and has a very ducky sound! Keep up the good work!
Paul Parsels, Tennessee

Thanks for the Timber Deuce. Looks and sounds good. I appreciate it. Justin Grider, California

These articles are all great. They keep the little gray cells thinking about improving your game all season. Steven Hier, South Dakota